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Ben is available in relation to: media, events, hosting, sponsorship, ambassador roles, cooking and appearances. If you have any general questions or media opportunities please get in touch via the contact form and one of the team will get back to you asap.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Ben have a cooking show?

How do I buy Ben’s eBook?

  • Ben’s eBook is available for purchase through the store tab on his website. Simply, select the eBook, purchase and you will be directed to the checkout.

  • From here you will be sent a downloadable link to your email address.

How do I download the eBook?

  • Upon Purchasing the eBook, you will be sent a 24 hour link to the email you provided. This link can only be opened once and will automatically download the ebook.

  • Alternatively- once the payment is finalised, on the web page there will be a link to download the eBook.  If the eBook is downloaded from here, this will make the email link invalid, as this counts as the one download.

Can I download the eBook more than once?

  • No, one download is allowed per purchase. Once you have downloaded the eBook once, the link will be invalid.

I never got my download link, what do I do?

Will there be more eBooks?

  • Stay tuned! There are a lot of exciting things on the agenda.

Can I download the eBook if I live outside of Australia?

  • Yes, the Ebook can be purchased by people outside of Australia.

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